Pastor Tobi sparks reactions with birthday car showcase video

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UK-based Nigerian Pastor Tobi Adegboyega’s birthday celebration stirred a wave of reactions as he showcased an impressive fleet of cars, notably featuring luxurious sports cars like Ferraris. The controversial pastor’s birthday on November 11 prompted celebrations from fans, with socialite Cubana Chief Priest sharing a video of the extravagant car rally.

In the video, Pastor Tobi led a procession of high-end cars through the streets, capturing the attention of onlookers who recorded the spectacle. Cubana Chief Priest captioned the video, describing their “heaven on earth” and encouraging others to join rather than criticize.

The trending video sparked diverse opinions among netizens. @ZeleGabbi acknowledged the pastor’s involvement in a lucrative business, expressing no surprise. @digitalcookerr hinted at a potential revelation of the truth about the pastor, stating that time would tell. @aai_austin humorously questioned how those on a heavenly race could possess such worldly luxuries.

@O_Dapodavid quoted the common saying, “Poor man pikin go say vanity upon vanity,” suggesting a critique of materialism. @Slickedon_ observed a perceived increase in the pastor’s efforts to trend with “super cars,” while @Cabo_paul disputed the use of the title “pastor,” insisting on calling him Mr. Tobi.

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