Why Sterling paused celebration: It’s my old club

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Raheem Sterling made a notable pause in his celebration following a goal for Chelsea against Manchester City, a move attributed to his deep respect for his former club.

This pivotal moment occurred during a thrilling 4-4 draw in the Premier League, where another former City forward, Cole Palmer, sealed the match with a 94th-minute penalty, securing a crucial point for his new team.

While Cole Palmer celebrated with a nonchalant shrug to the crowd, Sterling, in a distinctive act, ran towards the corner flag, positioning himself in front of the traveling City fans, and deliberately curtailed his jubilation.

In providing insight into his subdued celebration, Sterling conveyed, “I scored, and scoring is a good feeling. You remember it’s your old club, so don’t try to overdo it. I had a great time at City, and people know what I can do,” as he shared his sentiments with Sky Sports.

Meanwhile, Cole Palmer refrained from delving into the specifics of his celebration but expressed anticipation leading up to the game, eager to showcase his capabilities to City after his departure in the summer. “It was very strange, the first time I’ve played against City,” Palmer remarked. “I’ve got the utmost respect for the club I spent 15 years at. It was nice to see some friends. I’ve got a lot of friends there.”

Adding further drama to the match, Palmer’s 94th-minute penalty showcased nerves of steel. “It [the penalty] was a long time waiting. I felt confident. I’ve had a few penalties now. Just keep calm, in the 90-something minute.

Get focused and strike,” he detailed. Despite going behind, Palmer expressed resilience, noting, “It was an amazing game. I was excited before the game to see faces and show what I can do.

We went behind, bounced back.” The encounter, marked by contrasting celebrations and emotional ties, unfolded as a memorable chapter in the players’ respective journeys.


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