Lagos closes jetty indefinitely due to safety concerns

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The Lagos State government has taken decisive action in response to safety concerns at the Ipakodo, Ikorodu Terminal, announcing the temporary suspension of ferry operations. 

Damilola Emmanuel, the General Manager of the Lagos State Waterways Authority (LASWA), revealed that the measure was prompted by the significant presence of water hyacinth along the jetty, posing a potential threat to safe navigation and increasing the risk of boat mishaps.

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To avert potential disasters, LASWA has urged passengers and operators to refrain from accessing or utilizing the waterways through the Ikorodu Terminal during this period. The suspension is accompanied by a concerted effort to address the issue, with LASWA collaborating with EQUUS to eliminate the water hyacinth hindering ferry navigation. 

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As part of the contingency plan, alternative terminals at Ibeshe and Majidun Jetty are open for use, providing viable options for commuters affected by the temporary closure.

Furthermore, in an ongoing commitment to enhancing waterway infrastructure, LASWA has announced plans to open another Jetty in the Ikorodu axis before the year’s end. 

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This strategic initiative aligns with the government’s dedication to building a safe, clean, and prosperous inland waterways system, and they express gratitude for the public’s understanding and cooperation during this period of adjustment.

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