Learn from Awolowo, APC chieftain tells Tinubu

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Salihu Lukman, a former National Vice Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the North-West, has delivered a compelling message to President Bola Tinubu, emphasizing the importance of drawing inspiration from the legendary political figure, Chief Obafemi Awolowo. According to Lukman, this advice is vital if Tinubu aspires to effectively address the challenges facing the country and his own political party.

In a statement released in Abuja on Monday, Lukman, under the title “Nigerian Politics of Morbid Desire for Naked Power,” urged not only Tinubu but also all Nigerians to hold political leaders, including the President, accountable for the promises they make during elections.

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Lukman expressed his concerns about Tinubu’s approach, pointing out that he appears to be following in the footsteps of his predecessor by disrupting the organizational structure of the APC, which should adhere to the party’s constitution. He stressed the need to avoid a repeat of the 2015 scenario when the Peoples Democratic Party was ousted from power.

The former Director-General of the Progressives Governors’ Forum emphasized that there is a limit to the injustice, unequal representation, and unfairness that Nigerians can tolerate from their leaders. He cited Chief Awolowo’s argument for ending the insatiable quest for power in Nigerian politics and called for an urgent campaign to address this issue.

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Lukman stated, “Nigerians must not reduce the current challenges facing the country to a mere question of who will become the next President in 2027. Whether President Asiwaju Tinubu will continue for another four years after 2027 should be determined by his ability to restore constitutional order and return the APC to its original vision as a progressive political party.”

He expressed his disappointment at the erosion of the respect for APC rules and the absence of crucial structures within the party, such as the National Advisory Council. He also pointed out the lack of defined funding mechanisms, budgets, and financial accountability. Lukman raised these issues as significant factors that led to internal disputes within the party, leading to the resignations of key leaders.

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Lukman concluded by emphasizing that the success of President Asiwaju Tinubu’s government in achieving the “moral and spiritual reconstruction” of Nigeria, as envisioned by Chief Awolowo, hinges on allowing the APC’s structures to operate in accordance with the party’s constitution. He urged Tinubu not to let history remember him as someone who betrayed the legacy of Chief Awolowo.


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