Luis Diaz: military, police operation launch in search for father of Liverpool player

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A significant military and police operation is underway in Colombia to locate the father of Liverpool player Luis Diaz. Authorities have offered a £40,000 reward for information leading to his rescue.

On Sunday, more than 120 soldiers, along with police personnel, combed northern Colombia in search of Luis Manuel Diaz. It was reported that armed individuals had taken him and his wife.

Luis Diaz was absent from Liverpool’s match against Nottingham Forest on Sunday.

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The Colombian army has established roadblocks and deployed various resources, including motorized platoons, drones, helicopters, and radar-equipped aircraft, in their efforts to find his father.

While the Colombian authorities have not disclosed details about the reported kidnapping, local media suggested that Diaz’s parents were abducted by armed individuals on motorcycles at a gas station in Barrancas, their hometown in La Guajira, a northern region of the country.

Colombian President Gustavo Petro confirmed that all available public forces are actively involved in the search for Diaz’s father.

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General William Rene Salamanca, the director of the National Police, announced a reward of “up to 200 million pesos” (about £40,000) for information related to the case.

Attorney General Francisco Barbosa has personally contacted Luis Diaz to provide updates on the investigation. Barbosa indicated that information has been obtained suggesting that Diaz’s father might be in Venezuela, a situation requiring intervention by President Petro.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp dedicated the team’s 3-0 Premier League victory over Nottingham Forest to Diaz, emphasizing that they won “for our brother.” After scoring Liverpool’s first goal, Diogo Jota held up Diaz’s number seven shirt.

Before Sunday’s game, Liverpool released a statement acknowledging an ongoing situation involving Diaz’s family, assuring that the player’s well-being remains their top priority.

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