Ogun govt shuts recycling company over pollution in Sagamu

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The Ogun State Government has closed Maths Metal Recycling Limited in Sagamu due to industrial pollution after it intentionally spilled contaminated oil into its nearby surroundings.

Commissioner for Environment, Ola Oresanya, explained that the state government had no choice but to shut down the company because its management ignored multiple warnings, inflicting severe harm to people living in its surrounding vicinity.

According to him, the recycling company purposefully punched holes in the back of its premises to dump contaminated oil into the surrounding environment rather than erecting retention tanks where the bad oil and other solvents are supposed to be treated.

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“By doing this,the management of Maths Metal has not only caused pollution but has committed criminal act that are punishable under the Ogun State Environmental Sanitation Laws as their deliberate action has adversely affected residents of  community living around them.”

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The state government will now have to establish the extent of damage done to the well-being of members of the community especially the percolation of the contaminated oil on their underground water” Oresanya said

He also disclosed that following a rigorous evaluation, the state government would decide whether to pursue remediation, for which the recycling company will be held financially responsible; alternatively, corrective measures might serve as a deterrence.

Oresanya also issued a warning to other businesses operating in the state about pollution and other environmental violations, announcing that “business as usual” would not be tolerated because the state government would not back down from safeguarding its citizens, particularly the weaker ones, against any environmental risks.

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Additionally, he restated the government’s intention to blacklist consultants who helped them commit these violations and promised to report them to the federal authorities for possible nationwide sanctions.

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