Stop blaming our leaders, contribute your quota -Cleric tells Nigerians

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Nigerians have been urged to contribute their quota to the country’s growth and development rather than blaming leaders for the economic instability.

 Bishop Israel Olusegun Alaya, founder of Dominion Bible Church Int’l made this appeal on Friday in a press conference held at the church’s headquarters in Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital.

He explained that the continuous complaints about how bad the country is wouldn’t help us grow but rather, keep us dwelling on our mistakes.

The cleric while noting that “ If Nigeria were to be the company of an individual, we will manage it well” bemoaned the efforts Nigerians make in contributing to the economic growth of other countries.

“I believe that all of us have to contribute something, i don’t believe that somebody should stay in one corner and be blaming Tinubu or the Governor. All I believe is that we all should contribute something to the economy and make Nigeria great. 

“ I normally tell people that if Nigeria were to be the company of an individual, we would manage it well.  By the grace of God, I have traveled outside this country, I have been to Europe, America, Germany, and several others and I’ve seen Nigeria helping other nations with their economies. 

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“ I was in America and I saw that Nigerians were controlling the economy in Nevada employing the white men to help them do their work and they are doing very well. Why can’t we do that in Nigeria?

He maintained that some countries cannot exist without Africa, hence the need for us to value ourselves more, use our products, and change our culture toward leadership.

“ Nigeria is very, very rich. The truth of the matter is that Europe cannot exist without Africa. Most of our things are taken there,  refined, and sent back to us to buy. 

“They can’t exist without without us. That’s the truth of the matter. So to me, the problem of Nigeria is leadership. Somebody said something and when they think about it it’s right,  that Nigeria is blessed with everything except one thing, a good leader. When I am talking about a leader here. I’m not talking about Tinubu I am talking about all of us. You know the reason Tinubu came out of us. He did not appear on the moon. So for us to say he’s the president, he’s the governor. Where did these people come from? Is it not among us?  

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“ Our country is a place where when our people go into leadership, we want them to take the money of the nation and feed their family. So there’s something wrong with our culture. Our culture towards leadership has to change” he continues.

He noted that the church has also contributed to the problem by giving politicians a lot of titles instead of telling them the truth, adding that “as long as we continue doing that the nation cannot rise”

Bishop Alaya also appealed to the federal government to include leadership as a course in tertiary institutions to help upcoming generations learn about what it takes to become a leader.

“Sometimes many people we see are struggling to be in leadership positions. But tell me which university teaches about leadership, what courses in our university can you call a leadership course even as a discipline, and yet we are creating positions. People think that once I get a position, I’m a leader. No, leadership is not about position. Leadership only gives us opportunities. And the position only allows us to practice leadership.

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Meanwhile, the cleric disclosed plans to launch his book, “Divine Direction” at the forthcoming 2023 Dominion World Convention.

He also announced his upcoming program titled Leadership Broadcast, for Nigerians irrespective of their religious beliefs which is aimed at training people on what leadership truly is.

“ In my corner, I want to start a program now on social media titled Leadership Broadcast, letting people know what leadership is all about.

“The leadership masterclass is going to be free for people of all religions. The issue of leadership cuts across, religions, and countries. It’s the same principle of leadership we all use to run our businesses.

“ That is why one of my prayers for Nigeria is that God should give us good leaders, it doesn’t matter whether it is Muslim or Christian or whatever, even in the past God used unbelievers to carry out his plan. 

“So what we’re trying to do is to contribute to Nigeria. Experts are working with us on social media platforms to create awareness about it and when the time comes, people will register for it. 

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