‘I can’t find evidence’, Omah lay shares view about God, religion

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Omah lay

Singer Omah Lay recently disclosed a shift in his perspective on religion during an interview with media personality Wunmi Bello. The artist, who was raised in a Christian household and had contemplated converting to Islam at one point, shared that he has evolved into a state of personal spirituality, distancing himself from organized religion.

Omah Lay expressed his sentiments, saying, “As soon as I made money, I just switched; I just believed in God and became more human than religious. I don’t just enjoy religion anymore.” He explained his upbringing in a Christian environment, mentioning his extensive involvement in church activities.

At a certain juncture, he had contemplated converting to Islam, but he now finds himself in a place where he believes in God on a personal level, rather than adhering to a specific religious doctrine. His perspective on religion has shifted due to his skepticism about the authenticity of religious texts.

Omah Lay expressed doubt about the origin of these holy books, stating, “I know it sounds true, but these are just books that I cannot find evidence that this was written by God or his servants.” Instead, he maintains a belief in a higher power but seeks a direct connection with God, rather than relying on religious texts. In his words, “I believe it’s God.”


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