Demolition: Get necessary information before building, Crestline Properties boss tells public

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Following the recent demolition of houses in Ogun State, the CEO of Crestline Properties Nigeria Limited, Samuel Somide has advised the public to learn the zoning information about a land before purchasing and building on it.

During his lecture titled “Insight On Real Estate and Properties” at the Medal-links Media Africa Award 2023, which took place at Valley View, Isale-Igbeyin, Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State, on Thursday, Somide offered this advice.

Somide outlined the various forms of land zoning information and clarified that the zoned information about land refers to what the government truly intends for the land.

“ Zoning information means getting the right information on what that particular land is meant for. For instance we have agricultural zones every land within that zone is meant for agriculture, commercial zone, residential zone, so when you get this information it will tell you if your desired building is meant to be there. of deserve to be in that location.

“When buying from a real estate company or from ‘Omo onile’ or in customary place just do proper diligence before buying it.

Stating his displeasure with the recent demolition in Ogun and Lagos state, he noted that the owners of the houses who neglected to research the property before building should take the blame instead of the government.

“Regarding the recent demolition of houses, it quite so disheartening to seethat event happening. It is not 100% blame of the state government, and all what we are lacking is due diligence. 

In response to rumours that real estate investors are money laundering front companies, he said that the real estate industry is not a new one globally and that its integrity has been demonstrated.

“The fact is that real estate has been one of the oldest tradition and oldest business in history in the whole world not only in Nigeria. The efficiency of real estate has been proven over the years.

Additionally, Somide gave prospective Crestline Properties clients an assurances that the company would give the best as all infrastructure would be put in place on the company’s estates prior to the estates being sold to consumers.

“One of the first two things you would enjoy when you buy a land from the us is as you know we are one of the few estate with a government approved layout.

“As i was taught basically, the fact is that in the next 5years,I’m actually going to be a reference point for every real estate investors/real estate in Nigeria. When you want to talk about real estate you talk about Crestline.

“My message to our Crestline Properties’ customers is that the first two things you are going to enjoy when you buy land from us is that as you know we are actually one of the real estates with approved layout. 

“That tells you that when you buy land in our estate, you are sure that there will be no any form of complain,we have done a whole lot of due diligence on your behalf, and we are also getting a rightful approval from the state government. Second thing is that, 100% of our estates infrastructures are going to put in place.

“ We are actually building a mini city, and what you will just care about is building your house because we take care of infrastructure development and we are 100% committed to that” he concluded.


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