Late singer MohBad’s father reveals reasons behind quick burial of son

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In a recent development, Joseph Aloba, the father of the deceased singer Ilerioluwa Aloba, famously known as MohBad, shed light on the circumstances that led to the swift burial of his son.

Speaking at a coroner inquest in Ikorodu, Aloba explained that their decision to bury MohBad the day after his passing was a result of the mortuary’s refusal to accept the deceased.

Aloba, during his testimony, also disclosed that he personally identified the burial site for his son, asserting that it was situated on the deceased’s own property.

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Recounting the events surrounding his son’s demise, Aloba revealed that upon his arrival at the house on that fateful day, he immediately went upstairs to his son’s room, where he discovered blood-soaked clothing. Only then did he learn that his son was in the living room.

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Furthermore, the witness shared his son’s account of enduring multiple attacks from a person identified as Sammy Larry. Aloba stated, “I have witnessed my son being attacked five times.” He detailed how MohBad had expressed concerns about continuous harassment during his performances on the Island.

The witness also highlighted an incident in which MohBad was allegedly given a mysterious liquid to drink while in the custody of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA). This incident left the singer apprehensive about going out for six months, fearing potential repercussions at the airport due to the strange substance he had ingested.

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Joseph Aloba’s revelations shed new light on the circumstances surrounding the untimely death of the young artist, raising questions about his well-being and the challenges he faced in the music industry.


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