How money sparked fight between Chef Dammy, pastor and church- FIJ report

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Chef Dammy
Chef Dammy

Chef Dammy, whose real name is Damilola Adeparusi, has found herself at the center of a brewing controversy surrounding her recent 120-hour cooking marathon in partnership with the Spirit Word Global Mission. The event, which took place from June 9 to 13, 2023, left many questioning the motives behind the extended cooking marathon.

Chef Dammy, a 400-level mass communication student at the Federal University Oye (FUOYE) in Ekiti, recently took to her Instagram page to express her concerns, raising questions about her safety and hinting at a potential interview in Lagos where she’d reveal the truth behind the marathon. In a cryptic post, she wrote, “But in case anything happens to me; Adegoke Jeremiah, A.K.A Billion Dollars Prophet, hold him responsible. He told me to prepare for war, and we are both on it.”

The roots of this controversy can be traced back to Chef Dammy’s involvement with the Spirit Word Global Mission during the cooking marathon. It appears that this event was part of a series of activities organized by the church. The mission initially presented it as a cooking competition, but the situation quickly evolved into something entirely different.

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According to an insider who spoke to FIJ, and who also participated in the event, the cooking competition, which was supposed to be a friendly church activity, took a surprising turn. The competition turned into a 40-hour cook-a-thon, where food was no longer free but was sold for 500 naira per plate. Additionally, the event changed from being a competition to a business venture, leaving the participants and church members bewildered.

Despite the unanticipated shift in focus, the cook-a-thon turned out to be a financial success, raising questions about the motives behind these changes. The church leadership, noting the financial gains, decided to venture into an even more ambitious 120-hour cook-a-thon. Chef Dammy, due to her popularity and majority vote among the church members, was selected to lead this marathon.

The plan for the 120-hour cook-a-thon involved a transition from free food for the first 24 hours to selling plates for 1000 naira each from the second day onwards. However, this shift didn’t sit well with some attendees, who noted that similar events didn’t charge for entry.

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According to the source who spoke to FIJ, the controversy escalated, Chef Dammy’s phone and debit card came under the control of the event organizers. She found herself increasingly restricted, and her freedom began to erode. The source revealed that she expressed her desire to return to her previous life but was persuaded otherwise by Pastor Adegoke Jeremiah, who argued that her new life was better.

After the 120-hour marathon, the church intended to organize another 150-hour cook-a-thon, but this time, Chef Dammy declined, citing her lack of recovery from the previous event. Her family also opposed the idea, leading to accusations of her kidnapping by the event organizers. In a meeting with government officials, it became clear that Chef Dammy was not happy with her situation.

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This confrontation led to the return of her social media accounts and a warning that she should no longer be involved in interviews. However, this development divided the church members and Chef Dammy, with some supporting her while others sided with the church.

Chef Dammy’s “Mistake”

The source acknowledged that Chef Dammy made a mistake by sending a significant portion of the funds raised during the marathon to her family, causing friction within the church. Her decision was met with anger and disappointment from the church, which had purchased iPhones and an iWatch for her. This incident marked the beginning of the church’s discord with Chef Dammy.

As the situation spiraled out of control, Chef Dammy became the target of curses, insults, and bullying from the church’s WhatsApp group, resulting in her departure from the church. The source expressed dismay over the church’s handling of the situation, arguing that a church should have managed the matter more compassionately and reasonably.


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