Owu baptist church marks 120 years of its journey

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Owu Baptist Church, located in Totoro, Abeokuta, which served as the place of worship for former president Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, is commemorating its 120th year of existence in spreading the teachings of Christ.

Nathaniel Oyedele, the chairman of the anniversary committee, along with prominent members of the church, announced during a press conference that the church has significantly contributed to the spiritual growth, welfare, and social well-being of its local community.

He highlighted that the church has played a vital role in the progress of both the state and Nigeria as a whole by educating and training individuals who have become instrumental in nation-building.

Oyedele emphasized the church’s substantial impact on the educational landscape of the state, citing the establishment of well-known schools that have produced notable figures such as Obasanjo, the late Chief MKO Abiola, and the late Chief Bola Ajibola.

He mentioned, “Baptist Church is a commendable denomination. Just within Abeokuta, we have institutions like Baptist Boys’ High School, Baptist Girls’ High at Idi-Aba, and others. Obasanjo, for instance, is a prime example of a leader shaped by these institutions. He attended Baptist Boys High School, and went on to become the President and Head of State.”

The anniversary celebrations, scheduled from October 13 to October 22, encompass various activities including charitable visits, a rally, an anniversary lecture, and the launch of legacy projects.

Oyedele also revealed that distinguished guests, including the President of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, Dr. Israel Akanji, and Obasanjo, are expected to grace the grand finale of the anniversary, which will also feature fundraising for proposed projects.

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