Three survive Ogun tanker accident

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Three Individuals Escape Tragedy in Ogun Multi-Vehicle Collision

Late Wednesday in the Leme area of Abeokuta South Local Government, Ogun State, three people narrowly avoided a fatal accident involving four vehicles.

The incident occurred when a tanker, en route to Sunny Yinka Oil and Gas for a delivery, was struck by a truck from behind as it attempted to enter the fuel station. The impact caused the tanker to topple, spilling its contents onto the road.

The collision also resulted in the removal of the tanker’s front section, leading to further contact with a Toyota Tundra at the station. Eyewitnesses, including one named Aramide, noted that the speeding truck failed to give way to the tanker, causing the collision. 

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At the scene, onlookers seized the opportunity to collect spilled diesel, while some individuals, believed to be station staff, transferred the remaining contents to an Underground Storage Tank. Tensions rose among residents over the valuable resource.

Responders from various agencies, including the Federal Road Safety Corps, Traffic Compliance and Enforcement Agency, Nigeria Police Force, and Ogun State Fire Service, were on site to manage the situation. According to Florence Okpe, spokesperson for the Ogun Federal Road Safety Corps, the accident’s cause was attributed to a loss of control. Fortunately, while three vehicles were involved, there were no reported injuries among the individuals.

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