Do you want me to get evidence from the market? Judge asks LP

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The Labour Party, LP and its presidential candidate, Peter Obi, have come under fire for their claims that the 2023 presidential election was rigged in favour of President Bola Tinubu.

Justice Misitura Bolaji-Yusuf the third and only female judge on the panel while berating the party and its candidate stressed that they did not place credible evidence to the court.

The election, according to Obi and the LP, was rigged at 18, 088 polling places throughout the federation, and was also marked by irregularities.

However, they were unable to provide information regarding the locations of the aforementioned polling places or provide specifics regarding the claimed infractions.

“ The petitioners did not understand the explanation of the first respondent or were just fixated on their belief that they won the election without any cogent and credible evidence and they did not even bother to place any credible evidence before this court, were they expecting the court to go and gather evidence from the street? Or from the market or to be persuaded or intimidated by threat on social media. That is not the way of the court” she added.

The panel also rejected Obi’s motion to disqualify Tinubu from running for office based on claims that he had been convicted of drug-related crimes in the US due to a lack of supporting documentation.

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