Igbeba police vehicle run into target car driven by mechanic during chase

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Molipa accident between Igbeba police and mechanic

A collision has occured between a vehicle belonging to an unidentified woman and a police van along Molipa express in Ijebu Ode. The police vehicle, which is attached to the Police Division Igbeba, ran into the white Toyota camry vehicle on Wednesday afternoon.

Eyewitness told Ogunwatch that the Camry vehicle was being chased by the police, first with an undercover Saphira vehicle along Molipa express down to Ibadan garrage, where they both took a turn to their previous spot.

It was also gathered that the driver of the vehicle chased, who is identified as a mechanic, having not been aware that his pursuers were police men, he marched the accelerator in order to outrun them.

As efforts by the Police undercover vehicle to catch up with the target proved futile, a police van which eventually ran into it positioned to doublecross it.

The owner of the vehicle, a woman who did not identify herself told to Ogunwatch that when the driver, her mechanic called to report that he feared he was being chased by unidentified people, she told him to drive the vehicle to Obalende police station, to see if the pursuers were ill-intentioned, they would turn back by then.

The colliding vehicles were seriously damaged as the target vehicle had it bonnet and its front accesories destroyed.

When contacted, Abimbola Oyeyemi, Ogun police command-spokesperson told Ogunwatch that contrary to the narrative pushed by the eyewitnesses in a viral video of the event, the police began trailing the target vehicle when they were alerted it had hit another person and took to run.

“The vehicle in question, he hit somebody and instead of him to wait to take care of that person, he started running. and so police men ran after him.”

“As soon as a police patrol vehicle from Igbeba was sighted, it was alerted that a target was being chased, which it was to doublecross from ahead.”

“It was when the target vehicle was trying to escape the police that it ran into the patrol van”, the spokesperson concluded.

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