Kent Edunjobi: “Ebenezeri” lead singer is voice behind Anikulapo soundtracks

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Kent Edunjobi

Over the weeks, gospel music lovers have continually chewed the lyrics of a song widely tagged “Ebenezeri“. A video content of the song rendition had recently sapped the air of Nigerian internet space as music celebrities including gospel music singer, Shola Allyson, shared it on their platforms.

The composition, a rendition of a Celestial Church of Christ Choir known as the “Apex Choir” is led by contemporary and cultural-based singer Kent Edunjobi, whose real name is Hazzan kehinde Daniel. For those who might be asking who sang Ebenezeri? it was composed the CCC Apex choir, as their name goes, but under the leadership of Kent Edunjobi.

Since ‘Ebenezeri’ went viral on the internet, it has enjoyed wide acceptance from a wide audience of Christians who had no recourse to the origin of the song, given that there are several folds in the religion sect. Some internet users even tagged it as the Christian-fold anthem of the year.

Ebenezeri Song Rendition

Released less than a month ago, ‘Ebenezeri’ has enjoyed over 426,000 streams on the Apex Choir’s Youtube page where it was first premiered, Ogunwatch learned. Thereafter, the viralness of this rendition seems to have again shined a spotlight on its lead singer.

Not many might know, Edunjobi who doubles as a Contemporary singer and a Movie soundtrack composer is the voice behind all the soundtracks underlaid in popular movie “Anikulapo”, which was produced by ace film producer, Kunle Afolayan in 2022.

When Anikulapo was released and it enjoyed wide acceptance and received much accolades from movie lovers and analyst across the globe, the hype was not focused on the storyline alone nor was it on the cinematography, the soundtracks were deemed to perform chiefly to the success of the movie as a whole.

The soundtracks which seemingly blended with the feel and mood of the story appeared to have done justice to the final outlook of the product, there is no doubt.

‘Igba N ba Jo’, which themed on downfall of a hero, coupled with “Aigboran”, which themed on hubris, created a proper emotive ambience for the audience of the movie Anikulapo to receive the lessons of the story.

Interestingly, Anikulapo’s soundtracks are not the first shots of Edunjobi, as the singer had previously featured on several movies including “Citation the movie” which he did alongside musicians like Abosede Peace and Kofo Wonders.

Swallow, Mokalik and A Naija Christmas are other Netflix movies for which Edunjobi composed and sang their soundtracks, however, it was Anikulapo’s that shined the brightest spotlight on him.

Kent Edunjobi

Apart from composing soundtracks, Edunjobi has produced language-rich and culturally-typical tracks which include Odun Ayabo, Omoyele and Fisayo.

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