‘Cannabis will help your disappearing Afro hair,’ Sowore, Sani banter

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Presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore has restated to Senator Shehu Sani that a cannabis made jelly could supplement his hair growth.

Sowore said this on Twitter Friday in a response to Sani, who had earlier tweeted at Sowore, appealing that he restrains from legalizing cannabis in case of his emergence as president.

Calling it “Ganja”, Sani said legalization of the plant “would destroy our youths”

“Dear Brother Sowore,If you win,please don’t legalise marijuana.Ganja wul destray our youth.We need no Rasta here.
@YeleSowore,” he posted.

Replying the tweet, Sowore recalled himself four years ago advising the Senator of how cannabis made hair products could help keep the latter’s ‘disappearing Afro’.

“Great Comrade @ShehuSani, four years ago I told you cannabis hair products could help keep your beautiful Afro nurtured but you won’t listen. Now, I heard your Afro is disappearing, we will miss it! #WeCantContinueLikeThis,” Sowore commented on Sani’s tweet.

A tweep, ‘toy in’ lush who also commented on Sani’s tweet said: “You do realise that even your hair could benefit from canabis based products!? I dont smoke but I know the commercial value of canabis”

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