There is secret agenda in Nigerian elections — Sowore reacts to postponement threat

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The presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore, has claimed there is always a secret agenda in every election in Nigeria. 

The Independent National Electoral Commission had on Monday expressed that the general election in the face of worsening insecurity risks postponement. 

Reacting, Sowore told interviewers on Channels TV Tuesday that successive governments in Nigeria have failed in the area of security. 

On the alternative, Sowore said the rhetorics around the postponement of the election could also be a gimmick by some members of the society who have secret agendas to subvert the will of the people in the coming general election. 

“Nigeria has failed successively in the areas of insecurity and in other areas too but mostly in security.

“We have found out that a lot of Non-state actors are in control of territories in Nigeria and we have been in denial about it, that is why INEC is now expressing fear at this time that this election is threatened.”

“The second aspect is how they manage to deactivate public interest in public election. There is always a secret agenda in every election cycle. You will be hearing stories about plans to have interim government told by some persons – very influential members of the society.   “

“And now INEC is saying they might not hold elections. We have always known that we have security issues but to have push every Nigerian to the point of election and in few days you are now saying you might get the election postponed… it is basically intended to create confusion and make people loose interest.”

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