Sagamu Day: youth leaders ask young people to shun cultism, Yahoo-Yahoo

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Youth leaders have called on Sagamu youths to shun cultism and generally desist from illegalities. This was said at the Sagamu youth day Marathon event which was drafted as part of the Sagamu day festival.

The Sagamu day is an annual festival in commemoration of the cultural values of the Sagamu people. This year’s anniversary marks the 38th one.

Speaking to Ogunwatch, Aduroja Oluwole, Coordinator, National youth council of Nigeria, Sagamu branch called on Sagamu youths to shun cultism violence and embrace peace: “I will like to ask Sagamu youths to sue for peace. We know how volatile Sagamu is but for a while now, we have been enjoying peace. I am also asking our youths to shun cultism and those already involved to desist as we need peace to develop our precious society, Sagamu.”

Also Speaking, Ogungbe Goriola, the Deputy President, Sagamu youth association, said that the emerging generation of young people is not encouraging by all signs available. He also called on Sagamu youths to shun cultism and all forms of illegality: “Things around us has gone haywire, the orientation in the society is decay. We are even scared of our tomorrow. We are not seeing an encouraging sign in the emerging leaders because there is no space for mentorship.

“My advice to Sagamu young people is for them to be resilient, determined and to work hard in whatever they are doing. I would also add that the rate of cultism in our society has had a bad effect on us and so the emerging young people should shun cultism. 

Odukoga Gbenga, legal adviser to the National youth Council, Sagamu chapter also added “It is just a pity that despite being blessed with a lot of resourceful youths, many our youths have lost values and are now engaging in crime. We wanted to use this year’s Sagamu day to correct this but the Akarigbo appealed that we postpone the large fanfare for December when he is celebrating his coronation. If not we intended to use it to orientate Sagamu youths. It’s a pity that anywhere you hear Sagamu, people ascribe it to Yahoo-Yahoo but we will try to change that. 

Ifedayo, the Vice President 2 of Sagamu Youth Association called on young people to embrace the Sagamu day festival and never to see it as being fetish “There are some people, when they hear Sagamu day, they think it is a fetish thing; no it is not, it is a time to hype our cultural heritage in Sagamu.

“In every position you find yourself, make sure to be active and don’t put money first. In every thing you do, be transparent and be submissive. Youths should also imbibe a learning spirit,” Onabajo Oluwaseun, Vice President 1, SYA, also shared in her advisory comment to youths. 

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