Man labels lover HIV+ for refusing to show up after collecting ‘2k T-fare’

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A lady named Esther has been labeled positive for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (hiv) in a viral Whatsapp status update, allegedly posted by her disappointed distant lover who had requested her visit and as such sent her transport fare but didn’t get to receive her.

In a screenshot of a whatsapp status posted by ‘Olamide’ which was obtained by Ogunwatch is esther’s picture attached with a text that reads exactly as follows: ‘If you are in Iree or Ibadan, Becareful of this Girl, She’s Hiv Positive She’s a Final Year Student of Iree Poly, And She’s From Ibadan Repost To Safe A Soul Out There

Esther alleged Ola, her friend’s ex-lover was expressing interest in her and had invited her to pay him a visit in his residence in Ijebu axis of Ogun state and as such transferred funds to transport her from Iree where she was at the moment schooling. 

Esther in a chat with our correspondent confirmed that she agreed to visit Ola who requested and subsequently received transport fare from him but eventually didn’t show up because her friend, an ex-lover to Ola whom she consulted, instructed her to dishonor the invitation. 

She further claimed her decision to disappoint Ola was rooted in loyalty to her friend, Ola’s ex-lover. “This particular guy was my friend’s ex; he already dated my friend but broke up some last five month before he messaged me to come to his place, that he likes me and he is not dating my friend again. 

“Then I forwarded his chat to my friend and she told me I shouldn’t mind him, that I should just collect TF from him; that was what I was also planning to do because he dated my friend already. He then sent me 2k which I told him won’t be enough to transport from iree to ijebu but he said I shouldn’t worry that he will give me money when I come. On the following day I didn’t reply his message and then he told me I fucked up and said shit to me….”

After that incident, she said ” So I blocked him, of which after some months he followed me on TikTok and messaged me to apologize. I unblocked him and we started talking again but he insisted on seeing me. I was like… this guy is after something. We continued chatting since then. On Monday, He messaged me again, asking if I would be chanced to come to his place since I signed out of campus already. 

Esther told our correspondent that, to Ola’s second visitation request, she pretensively agreed, and again received another transport fare – a sum of two thousand Naira. “I lied to him that I will come and then he sent 2k again, but he told me if I don’t show up, he will treat my fuckup, claiming he his alora but I was not afraid…”

According to Esther, Ola posted a picture of her on his whatsapp status update, attaching comments that alleged her positive with HIV at 3pm after she failed to show up on the Tuesday they had agreed to meet. The update followed threats made by Ola earlier on the said day. She said  “I told him I saw my menstruation that I won’t be able to make it, he then said he would show me and he will treat my fuckup. Around 3pm he posted that picture and I think he gave bloggers too because the picture went viral”

“Many People began calling me and sending the picture to me, I was so sad and depressed. After then, some of my guys messaged him and he told them as a condition, I would return his money before deleting the post. I sent him the 4K and then he said he already deleted it, which was not true. When he realized the picture had gone viral, he started begging, in the company of his sister. I told him I will bring up the case and sue him; he continued begging me since yesterday.” Esther told Ogunwatch”

When Ogunwatch would reach out to Ola, the man in question, to get his side of the story, he denied posting the said picture and told our correspondent that it was done by an unknown person who he had met on TIKTOK and complained the issue to. “The TF is not the issue but her playing smart with me. And I tried to talk to one guy I met on tiktok who is from Osun and I asked if he knows the girl whose picture I sent to him. He told me such thing was common amongst girls from their school. The guy took it up and wrote things up on it and I was like this is too much when the guy sent me; Not knowing the guy has sent the pics to some groups before he sent me. I asked the guy to do it again that it was fake but he blocked me.

However, in another screenshot of a whatsapp status update obtained by our correspondent, although without the name of poster, apologetic comments were attached, pleading the ‘defamed lady’. The comment read in full “Hi to everyone, this is to inform the general public to please disregard all accusations laid against the lady in picture as it is false and unreal. And to the lady being defamed, I sincerely apologize and ask for forgiveness.”

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